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Jackson County Memorial Library

June 2024 New Books

  • June 2024 New Books

    June 1, 2024
    The books were added to the library's collection during the month of May   2024 .
    Summers at the Saint  Andrews, Mary Kay 
    Disturbing the Dead / Bk. 3 / A Rip Through Time  Armstrong, Kelley 
    The Girl from the Grand Hotel  Aubray, Camille 
    A Calamity of Souls  Baldacci, David 
    I Will Ruin You  Barclay, Linwood 
    The Goddess of Warsaw Barr, Lisa 
    Go to Hell Ole Miss  Barry, Jeff 
    Tomorrow is for the Brave  Bowen, Kelly 
    Mistakes We Never Made  Brown, Hannah 
    The Lost Letters from Martha's Vineyard  Callahan, Michael 
    Act of Defiance  Clancy, Tom 
    Think Twice  Coben, Harlan 
    The Instruments of Darkness  Connolly, John 
    The Other Gwyn Girl  Cornick, Nicola 
    The Paris Network  Curham, Siobhan 
    The Heist / Bk. 14 / Isaac Bell  Cussler, Clive 
    Savor It  DeWitt, Tarah 
    If Something Happens to Me  Finlay, Alex 
    This Summer Will Be Different  Fortune, Carley 
    The Library of Borrowed Hearts  Gilmore, Lucy 
    The Main Character  Goldis, Jaclyn 
    Camino Ghosts / Bk. 3 / Camino  Grisham, John 
    The House That Horror Built  Henry, Christina 
    Look on the Bright Side  Higgins, Kristan 
    The Stolen Child  Hood, Ann 
    Southern Man / Bk. 7 / Penn Cage  Iles, Greg 
    Every Time We Say Goodbye  Jenner, Natalie 
    Just for Summer  Jimenez, Abby 
    First Frost  Johnson, Craig 
    The Angry Land / Smoke Jensen  Johnstone, William W. 
    You Like it Darker  King, Stephen 
    The Paradise Problem  Lauren, Christina 
    Better Left Unsent  Louis, Lia 
    Love at First Book  McKinlay, Jenn 
    Patchwork Quilt Murder  Meier, Leslie 
    The Wild Side  Michaels, Fern 
    The Wealth of Shadows  Moore, Graham 
    The Summer Swap  Morgan, Sarah 
    The 24th Hour / Bk. 24 / Murder Club  Patterson, James 
    Summer Fridays  Rindell, Suzanne 
    Mind Games  Roberts, Nora 
    Forgetting to Remember  Rose, M. J. 
    The Heirloom  Rosen, Jessie 
    Nosy Neighbors  Sampson, Freya 
    The Shadow of War  Shaara, Jeff 
    Last House  Shattuck, Jessica 
    The Hazelbourne Ladies Motorcycle and Flying Club Simonson, Helen 
    The Wartime Book Club  Thompson, Kate 
    The Last Murder at the End of the World  Turton, Stuart 
    The Secrets of Crestwell Hall  Walsh, Alexandra 
    One Perfect Couple  Ware, Ruth 
    The Passionate Tudor / Bk. 3 / Tudor Rose  Weir, Alison
    How to Read a Book  Wood, Monica 
    Loyally, Luke  Basham, Pepper 
    Secondary Target / Bk. 1 / The Secrets of Kincaid  Carlisle, Angela 
    Vanishing Legacy / Bk. 1 / Elite Guardians: Savannah  Eason, Lynette 
    Love on a Whim / Bk. 3 / Cape Cod Creamery  Fisher, Suzanne Woods 
    The Proposal Plot / Bk. 2 / Amish of Marigold  Fuller, Kathleen 
    The Song of Sourwood Mountain  Gabhert, Ann H. 
    Unforgiven  Gray, Shelley Shepard 
    Sandcastle Inn / Bk. 10 / Hope Harbor  Hannon, Irene 
    Streams of Courage / Bk. 4 / Spies of the Civil War  Hart, Sandra Merville 
    Finally His Bride / Bk. 1 / Bride Ships: New Voyages  Hedlund, Jody 
    His Treasured Bride / Bk. 2 / Bride Ships: New Voyages  Hedlund, Jody 
    The Sisters of Corinth / Bk. 2 / Emissaries  Hunt, Angela Elwell 
    His Seventh Stop / Bk. 7 / Ivory Peaks  Isaacson, Liz 
    The Girl From the Hidden Forest  Linder, Hannah 
    For a Lifetime / Bk. 3 / Timeless  Meyer, Gabrielle 
    With Each Tomorrow / Bk. 2 / The Jewels of Kalispell  Peterson, Tracie 
    Love's Unfading Light / Bk. 1 / Eagle Harbor  Rawlings, Naomi 
    The Road Before Us  Rosche, Janine 
    Flashpoint / Bk. 1 / Chasing Fire: Montana  Warren, Susan May 
    The Philadelphia Heiress  Abriel, Anita 
    Losing Spring / Bk. 1 / Sutherland  Andrews, V. C. 
    Speculations in Sin / Bk. 7 / Below Stairs  Ashley, Jennifer 
    All My Secrets  Austin, Lynn N. 
    The Lady with the Dark Hair  Bartels, Erin 
    Cape Rage / Bk. 2 / Danny Barrett  Corbett, Ron 
    The Busy Body / Bk. 1 / Ghostwriter  Donovan, Kemper 
    How to Plot a Payback  Ferguson, Melissa 
    Sandcastle Inn / Bk. 10 / Hope Harbor  Hannon, Irene 
    Scrooge and the Girls Next Door / Bk. 4 / Creekville Kisses  Jacobson, Melanie 
    I've Got My Mind Set on Brew  Jayne, Stephanie 
    Summer Reading  McKinlay, Jenn 
    Secrets of a Scottish Isle  Neubauer, Erica 
    Familia  Rico, Lauren E. 
    The Last Days of Lilah Goodluck  Scott, Kylie 
    Where the Dead Wait  Wilkes, Ally 
    Left for Dead  Dolin, Eric Jay 
    Throne of Grace  Drury, Bob 
    Magic Pill  Hari, Johann 
    Challenger  Higginbotham, Adam 
    The Year of Living Constitutionally  Jacobs, A. J. 
    Send Me  Kent, Joe 
    Patton's Prayer  Kershaw, Alex 
    The Damascus Events  Rogan, Eugene L. 
    You Never Know  Selleck, Tom 
    The Wide Wide Sea  Sides, Hampton 
    The Situation Room  Stephanopoulos, George 
    Paradise of the Damned  Thomson, Keith 
    Big Dip Energy  Whitney, Alyse 
    Summers at the Saint  Andrews, Mary Kay 
    I Will Ruin You  Barclay, Linwood 
    Funny Story  Henry, Emily 
    Toxic Prey / Bk. 34 / Prey  Sanford, John 
    One Perfect Couple  Ware, Ruth 
    Jungle Pups  Berrios, Frank 
    Dalmartian  Cummins, Lucy 
    The Perfect Place  de la Pena, Matt 
    Pete the Cat and the Space Chase  Dean, James 
    Pete the Cat's Wacky Taco Tuesday  Dean, Kimberly 
    Pete the Kitty and the Three Bears  Dean, Kimberly 
    Five Puptacular Tales!  Depken, Kristen L.
    The Worry-Worry Whale and the Classroom Jitters  Diesen, Deborah 
    No Cats in the Library  Emmons, Lauren 
    Bunny's Most Fabulous Vacation Ever!  Fitzgerald, Brian 
    Lighthouse and the Little Boat  Frawley, Katie 
    Daisy the Daydreamer  Goldfinger, Jennifer P. 
    Your House is Not Just a House  Goodwin, Idris 
    The Color of Love  Harlow, Poppy 
    Finding Things  Henkes, Kevin 
    Big Bear and Little Bear Go Fishing  Hest, Amy 
    With Dad  Jackson, Richard 
    Look Out, Leonard!  James, Jessie 
    Blue Floats Away  Jonker, Travis 
    Just a Rainy Day  Mayer, Mercer 
    The Wolf Effect  Parry, Rosanne 
    The Dinosaur in the Garden  Pilutti, Deb 
    Treasure Hunt  Reyes, Gabrielle 
    The Walk of the Field Mouse  Robert, Nadine 
    Look  Snyder, Gabi 
    Ursula Upside Down  Tabor, Corey R 
    ¡Fiesta! Tonatiuh, Duncan 
    Summer is Here  Watson, Renee 
    More Dung!  Weber, Frank 
    Charles & Ray: Designers at Play  Yang, James 
    Fun and Games Burnell, Heather Ayris
    Angelina Ballerina and the Dancing Princess  Holabird, Katharine 
    Beach Pug  May, Kyla 
    All Together Now!  Smith, Brian 
    Keep It Like a Secret  Anderson, John David 
    The One and Only Family / Bk. 4 / The One and Only  Applegate, Katherine 
    Obby Challenge / Bk. 3 / Diary of a Roblox Pro  Avatar, Ari 
    Lava Chase / Bk. 4 / Diary of a Roblox Pro  Avatar, Ari 
    Cut to the Chase / The Bad Guys  Blabey, Aaron 
    Open Wide and Say Arrrgh! / The Bad Guys  Blabey, Aaron 
    The Others?! / The Bad Guys  Blabey, Aaron 
    They're Bee-Hind You! / The Bad Guys  Blabey, Aaron 
    World's Worst Tme Machine / Bk. 1 / World's Worst Time Machine  Brady, Dustin 
    The Last Comics on Earth / Bk. 1 / The Last Comics on Earth  Brallier, Max 
    Too Many Villains! / Bk. 2 / The Last Comics on Earth  Brallier, Max 
    Bridge to Bat City  Cline, Ernest 
    True Colors  Cooper, Abby 
    Quest for the Wishing Stone / Bk. 3 / Dungeoneer Adventures  Costa, Ben 
    Spy Ring  Durst, Sarah Beth 
    Eva for President / Bk. 19 / Owl Diaries  Elliott, Rebecca 
    Charlie Thorne and the Royal Society / Bk. 4 / Charlie Thorne  Gibbs, Stuart 
    Fortune Tellers  Greenwald, Lisa 
    Danger in Zion National Park / Bk. 4 / National Park Mystery  Johnson, Aaron 
    Summer Vamp  Karim, Violet Chan 
    Capitol Chase / Bk. 1 / National Archive Hunters  Landis, Matthew 
    Strangeworlds Travel Agency / Bk. 1 / Strangeworlds Travel Agency  Lapinski, L. D. 
    The Edge of the Ocean / Bk. 2 / Strangeworlds Travel Agency  Lapinski, L. D. 
    The Secret Library  Magoon, Kekla 
    South of Somewhere  Miller, Kalena 
    Moon Madness / Bk. 2 / Camp Sylvania  Murphy, Julie 
    Claudia and the Bad Joke / Bk. 15 / Babysitters Club Graphix  Nopra, Arley 
    Windy Night with Wild Horses / Magic Tree House  Osborne, Mary Pope 
    The Haunted House / Bk. 4 / Sweet Valley Twins  Pascal, Francine 
    Big Nate: This Means War!  Peirce, Lincoln 
    The Adventure is Now  Redman, Jess 
    The Kid  Schill, Jeff 
    Snoopy's Beagle Scout Tales  Schulz, Charles M 
    Skandar and the Chaos Trials / Bk. 3 / Skandar  Steadman, A. F. 
    Something Maybe Magnificent  Toalson, R. L. 
    The Awesome Book of Edible Experiments for Kids  Biberdorf, Kate 
    How to Survive in the Age of Dinosaurs  Drimmer, Stephanie 
    Making Your Own Maps  Hansen, Susan Ahmadi
    Inflation in Infographics  Hill, Christina 
    The Stock Market  Hill, Christina 
    Incentives in Infographics  Hill, Christina 
    Scarcity in Infographics  Hill, Christina 
    Supply and Demand in Infographics  Hill, Christina 
    Budgeting in Infographics  Hill, Christina 
    Trade in Infographics  Hill, Christina 
    Supply Chains in Infographics  Hill, Christina 
    Eyewitness: The Amazon  Jackson, Tom 
    Card Magic  Leatherland, Noah 
    Magic Illusions  Leatherland, Noah 
    Magic with Coins  Leatherland, Noah 
    Magic with the Mind  Leatherland, Noah 
    Master Magicians  Leatherland, Noah 
    Stunt Magicians  Leatherland, Noah 
    Pokémon Handbook 
    Queens of the Jungle  York, Carly Anne 
    It Waits in the Forest  Dass, Sarah 
    I Wish You Would  Des Lauriers, Eva 
    Beastly Beauty  Donnelly, Jennifer 
    Cursed Crowns / Bk. 2 / Twin Crowns  Doyle, Catherine 
    Blood & Fury / Bk. 2 / Chaos & Flame  Gratton, Tessa 
    Everything We Never Said  Harlow, Sloan 
    The Ballad of Darcy & Russell  Matson, Morgan 
    Breathing Underwater  Nash, Abbey Lee 
    The Quince Project  Parra, Jessica 
    10 Things I Hate About Prom  Rose, Elle Gonzalez 
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