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Jackson County Memorial Library

July 2024 New Books

  • July 2024 New Books

    July  1, 2024
    The books were added to the library's collection during the month of June  2024 .
    The Paris Widow  Belle, Kimberly 
    Red Sky Mourning / Bk. 7 / James Reece  Carr, Jack 
    The Rom-Commers  Center, Katherine 
    The Glassmaker  Chevalier, Tracy 
    The Next Mrs. Parrish / Bk. 2 / Last Mrs. Parrish  Constantine, Liv 
    Love Letters to a Serial Killer  Coryell, Tasha 
    Middletide  Crouch, Sarah 
    Long Time Gone  Donlea, Charlie 
    Birding With Benefits  Dubb, Sarah T. 
    In the Hour of Crows  Elmendorf, Dana 
    The Midnight Feast  Foley, Lucy 
    All the Summers in Between  Foster, Brooke Lea 
    Jackpot Summer  Friedland, Elyssa 
    Shadowheart / Bk. 4 / Unsub  Gardiner, Meg 
    The Nature of Disappearing  Grant, Kimi C. 
    Sentinel / Bk. 2 / Joshua Duffy  Greaney, Mark 
    Happy Harbor  Hanna, Rachel 
    Assassins Anonymous  Hart, Rob 
    A Happier Life  Harvey, Kristy Woodson 
    There Goes the Groom / Bk. 3 / A Romance of Rank  Hatch, Esther 
    All's Fair in Love and War / Bk. 1 / Miss Prentice's Protegees  Heath, Virginia 
    The Phoenix Ballroom  Hogan, Ruth 
    Secrets of Rose Briar Hall  James, Kelsey 
    That Night in the Library  Jurczyk, Eva 
    The Seaside Sisters  Kelley, Pamela M.
    The Queen's Faithful Companion  Knight, Eliza 
    The Final Act of Juliette Willoughby  Lloyd, Ellery 
    Same As It Ever Was  Lombardo, Claire 
    Nice Work, Nora November  London, Julia 
    Tell Me Who You Are  Luna, Louisa 
    For the Love of Summer  Mallery, Susan 
    The Housemaid is Watching / Bk. 3 / The Housemaid  McFadden, Freida 
    Lula Dean's Little Library of Banned Books  Miller, Kirsten 
    Summer Romance  Monaghan, Annabel 
    What You Leave Behind  Morris, Wanda M. 
    Such a Bad Influence  Muenter, Olivia 
    A Love Like the Sun  Neilson, Riss M. 
    Sandwich  Newman, Catherine 
    You Are Here Nicholls, David 
    The Year of What If  Patrick, Phaedra 
    Enlightenment  Perry, Sarah 
    How to Age Disgracefully  Pooley, Clare 
    A Novel Love Story  Poston, Ashley 
    Some Murders in Berlin  Robards, Karen 
    Middle of the Night  Sager, Riley 
    The Summer Escape / Bk. 6 / Sunrise Cove  Shalvis, Jill 
    The Medicine Woman of Galveston  Skenandore, Amanda 
    A Talent for Murder  Swanson, Peter 
    15 Summers Later  Thayne, RaeAnne 
    The Secret Keeper of Main Street  Thomas, Trisha R 
    The Art of Catching Feelings  Thompson, Alicia 
    Horror Movie  Tremblay, Paul 
    Jackie  Tripp, Dawn Clifton 
    Dear Dotty  Westlake, Jaclyn 
    One Deadly Eye  White, Randy Wayne 
    The Hemlock Queen / Bk. 2 / The Nightshade Crown  Whitten, Hannah 
    Husbands & Lovers  Williams, Beatriz 
    Smolder / Bk. 65 / Stone Barrington  Woods, Stuart 
    The End of the Road / Bk. 6 / True Crime Junkies  Barritt, Christy 
    Toward the Dawn / Bk. 2 / A Western Light  Connealy, Mary 
    Born of Gilded Mountains  Dykes, Amanda 
    The Forgotten Names  Escobar, Mario
    Hidden in the Night / Bk. 3 / Missing in Alaska  Goddard, Elizabeth 
    A is for Amish / Bk. 1 / Amish ABC's  Gray, Shelley Shepard 
    To Catch a Coronet / Bk. 1 / Best Laid Plans  Hitchcock, Grace 
    Whispers on the Tide / Bk. 2 / Dawn of Alaska  Rawlings, Naomi 
    Love's Every Whisper / Bk. 2 / Eagle Harbor  Rawlings, Naomi 
    Love's Sure Dawn / Bk. 3 / Eagle Harbor  Rawlings, Naomi 
    Love's Eternal Breath / Bk. 4 / Eagle Harbor  Rawlings, Naomi 
    Truth Be Told / Bk. 3 / Annalee Spain  Raybon, Patricia 
    Cole and Laila Are Just Friends  Turner, Bethany 
    One Last Chance / Bk. 2 / Alaska Aire One Rescue  Warren, Susan May 
    Flashover / Bk. 2 / Chasing Fire: Montana  Warren, Susan May 
    Shelterwood  Wingate, Lisa 
    The Deepest Kill / Bk. 3 / Locard Institute  Black, Lisa 
    The Instruments of Darkness  Connolly, John 
    The Roads We Follow  Deese, Nicole 
    To Slip the Bonds of Earth / Bk. 1 / Katharine Wright Mystery  Flower, Amanda 
    Texas Lonesome / McCutcheon Family  Fyffe, Caroline 
    The Song of Sourwood Mountain  Gabhart, Ann H. 
    Amish Love Letters  Gray, Shelley Shepard 
    Life, Loss and Puffins  Hyde, Catherine 
    Dead Against Her / Bree Taggert  Leigh, Melinda 
    The Horseman McClure, Maria 
    A Run at Love / Bk. 2 / Love in the Spotlight  Shiloh, Toni 
    All the Glimmering Stars  Sullivan, Mark T. 
    The Promise of Tomorrow  Taylor, Mary Ellen 
    The Summer We Started Over  Thayer, Nancy 
    Murder in Rose Hill  Thompson, Victoria 
    Wild Heart's Haven / Bk. 4 / Wagon Train Matches  Williams, Lacy 
    The Explorers  Bellows, Amanda B.
    When the Sea Came Alive  Graff, Garrett M. 
    The Anxious Generation  Haidt, Jonathan 
    The Secret Lives of Booksellers and Librarians  Patterson, James 
    Cheaper, Faster, Better  Steyer, Tom 
    The Paris Widow  Belle, Kimberly 
    The Rom-Commers  Center, Katherine 
    The Midnight Feast  Foley, Lucy 
    A is for Amish / Bk. 1 / Amish ABC's  Gray, Shelley Shepard 
    Camino Ghosts / Bk. 3 / Camino  Grisham, John 
    The Demon of Unrest  Larson, Erik
    The Girl From the Hidden Forest  Linder, Hannah 
    For the Love of Summer  Mallery, Susan 
    The Wild Side  Michaels, Fern 
    The Year of What If  Patrick, Phaedra 
    Some Murders in Berlin  Robards, Karen 
    Mind Games  Roberts, Nora 
    A Talent for Murder  Swanson, Peter 
    Cole and Laila are just Friends  Turner, Bethany 
    Shelterwood Wingate, Lisa 
    The Boy Who Loved Maps  Allen, Kari 
    Acorn was a Little Wild  Arena, Jen
    Chloe and Maude  Boynton, Sandra 
    Look What I Found at the Beach  Butterfield, Moira 
    Look What I Found on the Farm  Butterfield, Moira 
    The Squish  Carzoo, Breanna 
    Hen in the Bed  Charman, Katrina 
    The Book That Can Read Your Mind  Coppo, Marianna 
    Pete the Cat Screams for Ice Cream!  Dean, Kim 
    Partly Cloudy  Freedman, Deborah 
    The Littlest Airplane  Hartman, Brooke 
    On a Summer Night  Hopkinson, Deborah 
    Desert Song  Kemp, Laekan Zea 
    Set Sail for Pancakes! Kleyn, Tim 
    The Digger and the Dark  Kuefler, Joseph 
    My Book and Me  Park, Linda Sue 
    Brandon and the Baby  Pinkney, J. Brian 
    Bubble Gum Bison Needs a Bath  Rothman, Scott 
    Diggers Love to Go to School! Sayres, Brianna 
    Endlessly Ever After  Snyder, Laurel 
    Ruby's Tools for Making Friends  Stott, Apryl 
    Bearplane!  Underwood, Deborah 
    Two Together  Wenzel, Brendan 
    Diggersaurs Mission to Mars Whaite, Michael 
    Duckling Runs Away  Wild, Margaret 
    Are You Small?  Willems, Mo 
    Harold the Iceberg is Not a Super Food  Wyzlic, Lisa 
    Have You Seen My Invisible Dinosaur?  Yoon, Helen 
    Mai and the Tricky Transformation  George, Kallie 
    Ophelia and the Fairy Field Trip  George, Kallie 
    Rory and the Magical Mix-Ups  George, Kallie 
    The Adventure Friends: Bright Star  Todd, Brandon 
    The Adventure Friends: Lost Dog  Todd, Brandon 
    The Adventure Friends: Treasure Map  Todd, Brandon 
    Treasure in the White City / Bk. 2 / World's Worst Time Machine  Brady, Dustin 
    They Call Me No Sam!  Daywalt, Drew 
    Beyond the Isle of the Lost / Bk. 5 / The Descendants  De La Cruz, Melisssa 
    Controlled Burn  Downing, Erin 
    Bo and the Witch / Bk. 10 / Unicorn Diaries  Elliott, Rebecca 
    The (Mostly) True Story of Cleopatra's Needle  Gutman, Dan 
    Mrs. Marge is in Charge! / Bk. 5 / My Weirdtastic School  Gutman, Dan 
    The Lightning Path / Bk. 5 / Bamboo Kingdom  Hunter, Erin 
    Swamp Ranger School / Bk. 1 / Croc & Gator  Katzenberger, Lisa 
    The Secrets of Stormforest / Bk. 3 / Strangeworlds Travel Agency  Lapinski, L. D. 
    The Spindle of Fate  Lim, Aimee 
    Not If You Break Up with Me First  Miller, G. F. 
    The Last Apple Tree  Mills, Claudia 
    Lost Time  Mukanik, Tas 
    Emily's Cupcake Magic! / Bk. 1 / Cupcake Diaries: The New Batch  Simon, Coco 
    When Giants Burn  Vrabel, Beth 
    Life After Whale Brunelle, Lynn 
    Becoming Bionic  Camlot, Heather 
    The Big Book of Useless Knowledge  Haridy, Yara 
    Amazing Landmarks  Rajan, Rekha S. 
    Hearts of Fire and Snow  Bowles, David 
    Looking for Smoke  Cobell, K. A. 
    Lady of Disquise / Bk. 6 / Dericott Tale Dickerson, Melanie 
    Burning Crowns / Bk. 3 / Twin Crowns  Doyle, Catherine 
    The Wilderness of Girls  Franklin, Madeline Claire 
    Six More Months of June  Garrison, Daisy 
    Wild About You  Hill, Kaitlyn 
    Love, Off the Record  Markum, Samantha 
    If You Can't Take the Heat  Ruhlman, Michael 
    Saint-Seducing Gold / Bk. 2 / The Forge & Fracture Saga  Williams, Brittany N. 
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