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Jackson County Memorial Library

Library Policies

The Jackson County Memorial Library’s Policies consist of the Collection Development Policy, Long Range Plan, Technology Plan, Circulation Policy, Library Policy (Public Relations Policy, Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance Policy, Rules of Conduct Policy, Unattended Children Policy, Copyright Compliance Policy, Internet Policy, Bulletin Board Policy, Gift Donation/Memorial Policy, Patron Complaint Policy, Disaster Policy, Safety Policy, and Personnel Policy).  Policy manuals are located in the library. 

Internet Policy
The Jackson County Memorial Library welcomes you to our library.  Your internet session will be limited to one sixty (60) minute session per day; the only exceptions being online college classes or job searching.  Please note:  Computers will be shut down 10 (ten) minutes before closing time to allow staff time to perform library closing duties.  You are welcome to use our internet to check your email, for job searches, for educational purposes, and for banking and purchases. Our internet policy prohibits the use of websites in the form of gambling or dating websites. Also, our policy prohibits any type of obscenity or pornography.  Please feel free to ask if you are unsure about visiting a particular website.  Failure to comply with this internet policy may result in termination of your library privileges or due process will be used to handle violations of an illegal nature, including criminal prosecution, if necessary.

Circulation Policy
The library’s circulation policy is intended for use by the library staff, governing officials, and community members.  It provides information about the library’s policies pertaining to Library Card, Loan Interval, Book Return Location, Fines and Fees Policy, Lost and Damaged Materials Policy, Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Policy, and Privacy and Confidentiality Policy.

Library Card
The Jackson County Memorial Library issues library cards free to residents of Texas.  Out-of-state residents may use materials at the discretion of the Director.  A library card can be obtained at the circulation desk in the library.  In order to apply for a library card, an individual must present a legitimate picture ID or Texas driver’s license.  If the address is not current on the picture ID or Texas driver’s license patron must present a printed check showing one’s current address, or a billing statement showing name and address.  Jackson County Memorial Library issues library cards to all aged individuals.  Library accounts for patrons aged 1 to 17 will be tied to a parent’s library account until the individual has reached the age of 18. If the parent/guardian does not have a library card, individuals aged 16-17 can apply for a student card, which will need a parent/guardian's signature. Library card or proper ID must be present when checking out materials.  Any lost, damaged, or forgotten library card can be replaced for a fee of $1.00.  Patrons who have a library card may reserve library materials including the downloading of e-books.  They may also borrow library materials through the Interlibrary Loan Service (ILL).  Any patron holding a Jackson County Memorial Library card is responsible for everything checked out on his or her card.  If the card is stolen, please contact the library.

Loan Intervals

Library Material Loan Interval Limit of Items
Checked Out
New Materials 3 Weeks Unlimited None
Books 3 Weeks Unlimited One
Periodicals 1 Week Five per household None
DVDs 1 Week Four per household None
Activity Kits 1 Week 1 per card None
Audiobooks 3 Weeks Unlimited One
eBooks Three Weeks Total of Five per Card Varies
eAudiobooks Two Weeks Total of Five per Card


Note: Materials with reserves on them may not be renewed

Book Return Location
The Jackson County Memorial Library provides a book return location.  It is located in the front of the library (411 North Wells Street) next to the front door.  All materials except Activity Kits may be returned in the book return.  Library materials are retrieved from the book return each morning.

Fines and Fees Policy
The fine for overdue books, periodicals, and audio CDs is $0.10 per day.  The fine for overdue DVDs and Activity Kits are $0.25 per day.  The patron is liable for the payment of any lost or damaged library materials.  Also, they will be notified if any library materials are returned damaged.  With receipt, the patron will be reimbursed the expense of the lost item less the expense of the late fee incurred if the lost materials are returned to the library within thirty days of the date of payment with receipt.  Overdue notices are a courtesy.  Patrons are not exempt from fines should a notice not be received.  The Jackson County Memorial Library sends notices to inform patrons of overdue materials.  A total of three notices will be sent.   If the matter has not been taken care of after three notices, it will be turned over to legal authorities.  If the expense of any library material is unavailable a default expense will be substituted as follows:

Library Material Default Expense
Per Item
Maximum Fine
Per Item
Books $25.00 $5.00
Periodicals $5.00 $5.00
DVDs (1 Disc) $20.00 $5.00
Additional Discs $5.00 each  
Audiobooks $40.00 $5.00

Lost and Damaged Materials Policy
The Jackson County Memorial Library sends notices to inform patrons of overdue materials.  A total of three notices will be sent.  If the matter has not been taken care of after three notices, it will be turned over to legal authorities.  The patron is responsible for the expenses of any lost material or damaged item.  The expense of the material lost or damaged is the replacement cost.  The library staff will make an itemized receipt after the lost or damaged material is paid for.  If the lost material is found and returned within thirty days from the date of payment, the patron will be reimbursed for the recovered library material with receipt.  Library items must not be damaged.  The library will not be required to accept the lost material or to make a refund to the patron after the thirty days have elapsed from the date of payment.  The patron’s library privileges will be suspended until the patron settles any outstanding fines and fees for which he or she is responsible.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Policy
The Jackson County Memorial Library provides the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service to patrons.  Library users participating in the ILL program must have a Jackson County Memorial Library card.  A patron may use the ILL when they want a specific book or article that their local library does not own.  Materials that cannot be borrowed are videos, genealogy, reference materials, and inexpensive paperbacks that are not cataloged.  There is a limit of four item requests at a time.  The material will be mailed from the lending library to the local library.  This can take two to three weeks.  If you return the material after the due date or lose it, you are responsible for any fines or replacement costs.  The ILL material request form can be obtained at the circulation desk. There is no charge for this service.

Privacy and Confidentiality Policy
The purpose of the privacy and confidentiality policy is to ensure privacy and confidentiality of borrower information in the Jackson County Memorial Library. It is the policy of Jackson County Memorial Library to protect the privacy of those who use the library.  Staff members and volunteers shall protect information about library patrons, their requests for information and materials, and their borrowing transactions, and shall not transmit such information to individuals or to any private or public agency without an order from a court of competent jurisdiction, or as otherwise required by law.

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