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Jackson County Memorial Library

January 2024 New Books

  • January 2024 New Books

    January  1, 2024
    The books were added to the library's collection during the month of December 2023.
    The Curse of Penryth Hall  Armstrong, Jess 
    Rocky Mountain Promise / Bk. 2 / Sisters of the Rockies  Beller, Misty M. 
    The Wonder of It All / Bk. 3 / House of Falconer  Bradford, Barbara 
    Perfect Little Lives  Brown, Amber 
    Manner of Death  Cook, Robin 
    The Couple in the Photo  Cooper, Helen 
    Unnatural Death  Cornwell, Patricia 
    Coming to Find You  Corry, Jane 
    Meet the Benedettos  Cotugno, Katie 
    The Gentleman's Gambit / Bk. 4 / A League of Extraordinary Women Dunmore, Evie 
    The Other Mothers  Faulkner, Katherine 
    Five Bad Deeds  Frear, Caz 
    The Paris Notebook  Harris, Tessa 
    The Engagement Party  Kane, Darby 
    The Fairytale Life of Dorothy Gale  Kantra, Virginia 
    Assassin's Mark / Bk. 9 / David Slaton  Larsen, Ward 
    The Frozen River  Lawhon, Ariel 
    The Wildest Sun  Lemmie, Asha 
    The Fourth Rule / Bk. 4 / Riley Wolfe  Lindsay, Jeffry P. 
    Please Tell Me  Omer, Mike 
    Kingdom of Love  Peterson, Tracie 
    The Mystery Guest / Bk. 2 / The Maid  Prose, Nita 
    The Jazz Club Spy  Rich, Roberta 
    Flores and Miss Paula  Rivero, Melissa 
    This Spells Love  Robb, Kate 
    Raiders of the Lost Heart  Segura, Jo 
    Lost Hours / Bk. 5 / Alaska Wild  Shelton, Paige 
    The Winthrop Agreement  Simpson, Alice 
    The Last Caretaker  Strawser, Jessica 
    The Second Chance Year  Wiesner, Melissa 
    The Juliet Code / Bk. 3 / Freddie & Grace  Basham, Pepper 
    This Passing Hour / Bk. 2 / Amish Memories  Gould, Leslie 
    Calling on the Matchmaker / Bk. 1 / A Shanahan Match  Hedlund, Jody 
    The Year of Goodbyes and Hellos  Irvin, Kelly 
    A Winter By the Sea / Bk. 2 / On Devonshire Shores  Klassen, Julie 
    The Paris Housekeeper  Ryan, Renee 
    Murder in the Book Lover's Loft  Adams, Ellery 
    The Peasant King  Afshar, Tessa 
    A Million Little Choices  Alexander, Tamera 
    California Golden  Benjamin, Melanie 
    The Lucky Shamrock  Brown, Carolyn 
    An Evil Heart / Bk. 15 / Kate Burkholder  Castillo, Linda 
    A Three Book Problem  Delany, Vicki 
    Saving Grayson  Fabrey, Chris 
    Kathryn / McCutcheon Family  Fyffe, Caroline 
    Malibu Burning / Bk. 1 / Sharpe & Walker  Goldberg, Lee 
    What a Wave Must Be  Hunt, Angela Elwell 
    Sisters Under the Rising Sun  Morris, Heather  
    Thanksgiving Blessing / Bk. 3 / Amish Holiday  Perry, Marta 
    The Wishing Bridge  Shipman, Viola 
    Christmas at the Shelter Inn  Thayne, RaeAnne 
    Faking Christmas  Winfrey, Kerry 
    The Boys in the Boat  Brown, Daniel James 
    Oath and Honor  Cheney, Liz 
    God Save Benedict Arnold  Kelly, Jack 
    Tucker  Moore, Chadwick 
    The Official MIND Diet  Morris, Martha Clare 
    Calm Your Mind with Food  Naidoo, Uma 
    The Lost Tomb  Preston, Douglas J. 
    The Palace  Russell, Gareth 
    The Look & Cook Air Fryer Bible  Weinstein, Bruce 
    When We Were Enemies  Bleeker, Emily 
    The Wonder of It All / Bk. 3 / House of Falconer  Bradford, Barbara 
    The Fiction Writer  Cantor, Jillian 
    The Watchmaker's Hand  Deaver, Jeffery 
    The Letter Tree  Fordham, Rachel 
    Man of Shadow and Mist / Bk. 2 / Of Monsters and Men  Griep, Michelle 
    Alex Cross Must Die / Bk. 32 / Alex Cross  Patterson, James 
    The Paris Housekeeper  Ryan, Renee 
    The Last Caretaker  Strawser, Jessica 
    Hippos Remain Calm  Boynton, Sandra 
    Bad Kitty Does Not Like Easter  Bruel, Nick 
    The Little Tiger  Killen, Nicola 
    Dragonboy and the Hundred Hearts  Napoleoni, Fabio 
    The Rabbit Magician  Ruel, Adeline 
    The Last Rose / Bk. 4 / Sisters Ever After  Cypress, Leah 
    The Missing Sword / Bk. 4 / Never After  De La Cruz, Melissa 
    I Survived the Great Alaska Earthquake, 1964 Tarshis, Lauren 
    Gator, Gator, Gator! Bernstrom, Daniel 
    Class Pet Surprise / Bk. 1 / Adventures in Classroom 2E Brown, Jeffrey 
    Yoshi's Big Swim  Copp, Mary Wagley 
    Hooked on Books  Greanias, Margaret 
    The Big Cheese  John, Jory 
    Rescue on Turtle Beach / Bk. 1 / Wind Riders  Marlin, Jen 
    Search for the Scarlet Macows / Bk. 2 / Wind Riders  Marlin, Jen 
    Shipwreck in Seal Bay / Bk. 3 / Wind Riders  Marlin, Jen 
    Shy Willow  Min, Cat 
    Rainbow Fish Finds His Way  Pfister, Marcus 
    The Ruined / Bk. 4 / The Beautiful  Ahdieh, Renée
    Every Time You Go Away  Johnson, Abigail 
    Make Me a Liar  Landers, Melissa 
    Betting on You  Painter, Lynn 
    Ruthless Vows / Bk. 2 / Letters of Enchantment  Ross, Rebecca 
    This Cursed Light / Bk. 2 / The Last Finestra  Thiede, Emily
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