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Jackson County Memorial Library

September 2023 New Books

  • September 2023 New Books

    September  1, 2023
    The books were added to the library's collection during the month of August  2023 .
    Family Lore Acevedo, Elizabeth 
    Chameleon / Bk. 1 / Black Box Ops  Adeleke, Remi 
    The Art of Love and Lies  Anderson, Rebecca 
    The Roommate Pact  Ashley, Allison 
    The Year of Second Chances  Avery, Lara 
    Call the Canaries Home  Barrow, Laura 
    California Golden  Benjamin, Melanie 
    The Paris Assignment  Bowen, Rhys 
    North of Nowhere  Brennan, Allison 
    The Long March Home  Brotherton, Marcus 
    Out of Nowhere  Brown, Sandra 
    Vampires of El Norte  Cañas, Isabel 
    The Blonde Identity  Carter, Ally 
    Happiness for Beginners  Center, Katherine 
    Canary Girls  Chiaverini, Jennifer 
    The Hike  Clarke, Lucy 
    Under the Influence  Crooks, Noelle 
    Good Bad Girl  Feeney, Alice 
    Dark Corners / Bk. 2 / Rachel Krall  Goldin, Megan 
    Cursed at Dawn / Bk. 3 / Blackbird Trilogy  Graham, Heather 
    What Never Happened  Hall, Rachel Howzell 
    The Secret Recipe of Ella Dove / Bk. 3 / Dove Pond  Hawkins, Karen 
    The Invisible Hour  Hoffman, Alice 
    The Princess  Holden, Wendy 
    The Déjà Glitch  James, Holly 
    None of This is True  Jewell, Lisa 
    The Longmire Defense  Johnson, Craig 
    Bad Hombres / Bk. 6 / Slash & Pecos  Johnstone, William W. 
    The Trade Off  Jones, Sandie 
    Thornhedge  Kingfisher, T. 
    The Connelly's of County Down  Lange, Tracey 
    The Measure of Silence  Langston, Elizabeth 
    Prom Mom  Lippman, Laura 
    The Continental Affair  Mangan, Christine 
    The Paris Mystery  Manning, Kirsty 
    The Keeper of Hidden Books  Martin, Madeline 
    Just Another Missing Person  McAllister, Gillian 
    To Catch a Storm  Mejia, Mindy 
    Rock Bottom / Bk. 35 / Sisterhood  Michaels, Fern 
    Ricochet / Bk. 3 / Garrett Kohl  Moore, Taylor 
    The Last Masterpiece  Morelli, Laura 
    Change of Plans  Newton, Dylan 
    The September House  Orlando, Carissa 
    Codename Charming  Parker, Lucy 
    Tom Lake  Patchett, Ann 
    Lion and Lamb  Patterson, James 
    Mrs. Porter Calling / Bk. 3 / Emmy Lake Chronicles  Pearce, A. J. 
    Gone Tonight  Pekkanen, Sarah 
    Dead Mountain / Bk. 4 / Nora Kelly  Preston, Douglas J. 
    The Dark Edge of Night / Bk. 2 / Henri Lefort  Pryor, Mark 
    Mrs. Plansky's Revenge  Quinn, Spencer 
    The Bone Hacker  Reichs, Kathy 
    Tides of Fire  Rollins, James 
    Beneath Dark Waters / Bk. 2 / New Orleans  Rose, Karen 
    A Bakery in Paris  Runyan, Aimie K. 
    The Hundred Loves of Juliet  Skye, Evelyn 
    After That Night  Slaughter, Karin 
    The Fraud  Smith, Zadie 
    Happiness   Steel, Danielle 
    With Love, from Cold World  Thompson, Alicia 
    Looking Glass Sound  Ward, Catriona 
    At the Coffee Shop of Curiosities  Webber, Heather S. 
    The Breakaway Weiner, Jennifer 
    Mister Magic  White, Kiersten 
    The Bookbinder  Williams, Pip 
    The President's Wife  Wood, Tracey Enerson
    How to Care for a Human Girl  Wurzbacher, Ashley 
    Positively, Penelope  Basham, Pepper 
    Letters of Comfort / Bk. 2 / Friendship Letters  Brustetter, Wanda E 
    Tapestry of Love / Bk. 2 / New Directions  Byler, Linda 
    To Free the Stars / Bk. 2 / Jack & Ivy  Ciesielski, J'nell 
    Break of Day / Bk. 3 / Annie Pederson  Coble, Colleen 
    Voice of the Ancient / Bk. 1 / The King's Men  Cossette, Connilyn 
    Countdown / Bk. 4 / Extreme Measures  Eason, Lynette 
    The Swiss Nurse  Escobar, Mario 
    Ladies of the Lake  Gohlke, Cathy 
    Her Only Wish / Bk. 2 / Season in Pinecraft  Gray, Shelley Shepard
    The Lies We Believe / Bk. 1 / Shadow Stalkers  Harris, Lisa 
    The Woman from Lydia / Bk. 1 / Emissaries  Hunt, Angela Elwell 
    The Heart's Bidding / Bk. 1 / Amish Calling  Irvin, Kelly 
    His Sixth Sweetheart / Bk. 6 / Ivory Peaks  Isaacson, Liz 
    Summer in the Spotlight / Bk. 3 / Prince Edward Island Shores  Johnson, Liz 
    Letters from My Sister  Luesse, Valerie Fraser 
    And Then There Was You / Bk. 1 / Chestnut Ridge  Naigle, Nancy 
    Finding Us / Bk. 2 / Pictures of the Heart  Peterson, Tracie 
    A Shadow in Moscow  Reay, Katherine 
    The Lost Manuscript  Rushmeyer, Mollie 
    Fields of Fire / Bk. 1 / Matthew Redd  Steck, Ryan 
    Lethal Range / Bk. 2 / Matthew Redd  Steck, Ryan 
    A Beautiful Disquise / Bk. 1 / The Imposters  White, Roseanna M. 
    Fracturing Fate / Bk. 2 / Breaking Time  Alsberg, Sasha 
    Talk of the Town  Bardsley, Jennifer 
    The Spare Room  Bartz, Andrea 
    A Catered Doggie Wedding  Crawford, Isis 
    The All-American  Finkbeiner, Susie 
    Fire with Fire  Fox, Candice 
    Once Upon a Buggy / Bk. 2 / Amish of Apple Creek  Gray, Shelley Shepard 
    Tell-Tale Bones  Haines, Carolyn 
    Goodnight From Paris  Healey, Jane 
    The Secret Book of Flora Lea  Henry, Patti Callahan 
    A Little Ray of Sunshine  Higgins, Kristan 
    The Butterfly Effect  Mckenny, Rachel 
    The Darlings  McKinnon, Hannah 
    Every Dog Has His Day / Bk. 5 / Gone to the Dogs Thompson, Janice 
    The Happy Life of Isadora Bentley  Walsh, Courtney 
    Trail of Secrets / Bk. 2 / Wagon Train Matches  Williams, Lacy 
    Best Man Rancher / Bk. 2 / Carsons of Lone Rock  Yates, Maisey 
    Calm the Chaos  Abraham, Dayna 
    Valiant Women  Andrews, Lena S. 
    Songs I Love to Sing  Blumhofer, Edith W.
    Still We Rise  Council, Erika 
    The Girls Who Fought Crime  Eder, Mari K. 
    The Big Book of Pizza  Food Network Magazine (COR)/ Carpenter, Maile (FRW)
    Moving on Doesn't Mean Letting Go  Moffa, Gina 
    Yummy Toddler Food: Dinnertime SOS Palanjian, Amy 
    Like a River  Smith, Granger 
    Gallop Toward the Sun  Stark, Peter 
    Recipes for a Sweet Child  Trent, Katie J. 
    Book of Texas Birds  Clark, Gary 
    Dinosaurs and Ancient Animals of Big Bend  Collins, Cindi Sirois 
    Hole in the Roof  Murchison, Burk 
    The Artistic Legacy of Buck Schiwetz  Reaves, William E.
    The Art of Texas State Parks  Sansom, Andrew 
    Astros and Asterisks  Silverman, Jonathan 
    Texas Lithographs  Tyler, Ronnie C. 
    Canary Girls  Chiaverini, Jennifer 
    Secrets in the Dark / Bk. 2 / Blackbird Trilogy  Graham, Heather 
    The Invisible Hour  Hoffman, Alice 
    The Last Sinner  Jackson, Lisa 
    None of This is True  Jewell, Lisa 
    Just Another Missing Person  McAllister, Gillian 
    Lion & Lamb  Patterson, James 
    The Bone Hacker  Reichs, Kathy 
    The Lost Manuscript  Rushmeyer, Mollie 
    After That Night  Slaughter, Karin 
    Happiness  Steel, Danielle 
    Baby Stegosaurus Abery, Julie 
    Baby T. Rex Abery, Julie 
    God Is Here  Bergren, Lisa Tawn 
    Fiona Builds a Fairy House Dickson, Kristen 
    The Boo Crew Needs You!  Fang, Vicky 
    The Brand-New, Never-Used, Perfect Crayons  Hatch, Leanne 
    Marshmallow Martians: Earth School  Kent, Deanna 
    Monster Baker  Lavoie, Laura 
    The Littlest Turtle  Mullady, Lysa 
    Fix and Stitch  Nass, Barbara 
    The Glorious Forest that Fire Built  Neil, Ginny 
    Snowflakes on Our Tongues  Ornstein, Mike 
    Home is Calling  Pryor, Katherine 
    You're the Apple of My Pie  Rossner, Rose 
    Smarty Ants  Schwartz, Corey Rosen 
    Fox Has a Problem  Tabor, Corey R 
    Happy Halloweenie  Vernon, Katie 
    Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Sleigh  Willems, Mo 
    Parker's Place  Willms, Russ 
    Nell Plants a Tree  Wynter, Anne 
    The Raven Throne / Bk. 2 / The Raven Crown  Burgis Stephanie 
    Where the Lockwood Grows  Cole, Olivia A. 
    Sea of Gold / Bk. 1 / Sea of Gold  Mone, Gregory 
    Secrets of Atlantis / Bk. 3 / Atlantis  O'Hearn, Kate 
    The Great Texas Dragon Race  Ritter, Kacy 
    Nell & the Netherbeast  Rule, Adi 
    The Legend of Greyhallow  Short, Summer Rachel 
    The Vaquita / Bk. 2 / The Wildes  Smith, Roland 
    Stinetinglers 2  Stine, R. L. 
    The Rise of the Goldfish / Bk. 4 / Pets Rule  Tan, Susan 
    Stuff Kids Should Know  Bryant, Chuck 
    Christopher Columbus and the Taino People  Messner, Kate 
    Accountable  Slater, Dashka 
    Camilla, Cartographer  Dillemuth, Julie 
    Big Foot and Little Foot  Potter, Ellen 
    On the Other Side of the Forest  Robert, Nadine 
    The Brothers Hawthorne / Bk. 4 / The Inheritance Games  Barnes, Jennifer Lynn
    Cloak of Scarlet / Bk. 5 / Dericott Tale  Dickerson, Melanie 
    Face the Night  Forbes, Lani 
    Foxglove / Bk. 2 / Belladonna  Grace, Adalyn 
    Bring Me Your Midnight  Griffin, Rachel 
    Zhara / Bk. 1 / Guardians of Dawn  Jae-Jones, S. 
    Never a Hero / Bk. 2 / Only a Monster  Len, Vanessa 
    Suddenly a Murder  Muñoz, Lauren 
    Swimming in a Sea of Stars  Wright, Julie 
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