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Jackson County Memorial Library

May 2023 New Books

  • May 2023 New Books

    May  1, 2023
    The books were added to the library's collection during the month of April  2022 .
    An American Beauty  Abé, Shana 
    The Last Word  Adams, Taylor 
    Black Girls Must Have It All / Bk. 3 / Black Girls  Allen, Jayne 
    Hard Rain / Bk. 2 / Annie McIntyre  Allen, Samantha Jayne 
    The Last Animal  Ausubel, Ramona 
    Right Girl, Wrong Side  Baird, Ginny 
    Simply Lies  Baldacci, David 
    The House is on Fire  Beanland, Rachel 
    Forgotten War / Bk. 4 / Matt Drake  Bentley, Don 
    Before We Were Innocent  Berman, Ella 
    Hotel of Secrets  Biller, Diana 
    Seven Girls Gone / Bk. 4 / Mobile Response Team  Brennan, Allison
    Breakneck / Bk. 5 / Arliss Cutter  Cameron, Marc 
    Kismet  Chalsen, Becky 
    Where are the Children Now?  Clark, Mary Higgins 
    The Cuban Heiress  Cleeton, Chanel 
    Too Proud to Run / Bk. 4 / Morgan Clyde  Cogburn, Brett
    Ozark Dogs  Cranor, Eli 
    Where Coyotes Howl  Dallas, Sandra 
    My Heart Will Find You  Deveraux, Jude 
    Walking Toward Freedom / Bk. 19 / Bregdan Chronicles  Dye, Ginny 
    The Half of It  Fay, Juliette 
    The Last Heir to Blackwood Library  Fox, Hester 
    After the War  Frank, Anita 
    The Trackers  Frazier, Charles 
    Shadow of Death  Graham, Heather 
    A Girl Called Samson Harmon, Amy 
    Last House Before the Mountain  Helfer, Monika 
    The Instructor / Bk. 1 / Derek Harrington  Hendricks, T. R. 
    Happy Place  Henry, Emily 
    The Soulmate  Hepworth, Sally 
    To Die Beautiful  Jackson, Buzzy 
    With My Little Eye  Jackson, Joshilyn 
    The Audrey Hepburn Estate  Janowitz, Brenda 
    You Know Her  Jennett, Meagan 
    Yours Truly  Jimenez, Abby 
    Desolation Creek / Smoke Jensen  Johnstone, William W. 
    The Dutch Orphan  Keith, Ellen 
    The Golden Doves  Kelly, Martha Hall 
    A House with Good Bones  Kingfisher, T. 
    Going Zero  McCarten, Anthony 
    Sisters of the Lost Nation  Medina, Nick 
    Mother of the Bride Murder  Meier, Leslie 
    The Only Survivors  Miranda, Megan 
    Everything She Feared  Mofina, Rick 
    Homecoming  Morton, Kate 
    Blind Spots  Mullen, Thomas 
    The Seaside Library  Novak, Brenda 
    The Loner  Palmer, Diana 
    The Do-Over  Park, Suzanne 
    The Rescue  Parker, T. Jefferson 
    Things I Wish I Told My Mother  Patterson, Sue 
    The Fourth Enemy / Bk. 6 / Daniel Pitt  Perry, Anne 
    Eagle & Crane  Rindell, Suzanne 
    Coronation Year  Robson, Jennifer 
    The Society of Shame  Roper, Jane 
    Dark Angel / Bk. 2 / Letty Davenport  Sandford, John 
    The Lost Colony  Shapiro, Irina 
    If We're Being Honest  Shook, Cat 
    Salvage This World  Smith, Michael F. 
    Worthy Opponents  Steel, Danielle 
    We Love to Entertain  Strohmeyer, Sarah 
    Strawberry Lane / Bk. 1 / Someday Valley  Thomas, Jodi 
    Hang the Moon  Walls, Jeannette 
    To Swoon and to Spar / Bk. 4 / Regency Vows  Waters, Martha 
    City of Dreams / Bk. 2 / The City  Winslow, Don 
    The Weaving of Life / Bk. 1 / New Directions  Byler, Linda 
    To Die For / Bk. 1 / Tudor Ladies in Waiting  Byrd, Sandra 
    The Secret Keeper / Bk. 2 / Tudor Ladies in Waiting  Byrd, Sandra 
    Roses Have Thorns / Bk. 3 / Tudor Ladies in Waiting  Byrd, Sandra 
    Breaking New Ground / Bk. 3 / Amish Legacy  Clipston, Amy 
    A Brighter Dawn / Bk. 1 / Amish Memories  Gould, Leslie 
    Once Upon a Buggy / Bk. 2 / Amish of Apple Creek  Gray, Shelley Shepard 
    Windswept Way / Bk. 9 / Hope Harbor  Hannon, Irene 
    The Broken Hearts Bakery / Bk. 1 / Haven Ridge  Laureano, Carla 
    When Tomorrow Came  Linder, Hannah 
    Only the Beautiful  Meissner, Susan 
    Dawn's Untrodden Green / Bk. 3 / Regency Wallflowers  Miller, Carolyn 
    The Castle Keepers  Runyan, Aimie K. 
    The Tapestry of Grace  Sawyer, Kim Vogel 
    Blind Trust / Bk. 3 / SNAP Agency  Walters, Natalie 
    Hopefully Ever After / Bk. 3 / Amish Bookstore  Wiseman, Beth 
    26 Below / Bk. 1 / Alaskan Cyber Hunters  Woodhouse, Kimberley 
    The Vanishing at Castle Moreau  Wright, Jaime Jo 
    Murder on the Poet's Walk  Adams, Ellery 
    Eden's Children / Bk. 1 / Eden  Andrews, V. C. 
    Take It From Me  Beck, Jamie 
    Red Flags / Bk. 1 / Locard Institute  Black, Lisa 
    The Sorority Murder / Bk. 1 / Regan Merritt  Brennan, Allison 
    The Devine Doughnut Shop  Brown, Carolyn 
    The Plot Thickens / Bk. 2 / Skirmish Cove Mysteries  Davis, Susan Page 
    The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell  Dugoni, Robert 
    Peanut Butter Panic  Flower, Amanda 
    Cold Light of Day / Bk. 1 / Missing in Alaska  Goddard, Elizabeth 
    An Unexpected Amish Proposal / Bk. 1 / Surprised By Love  Good, Rachel 
    The Metropolitan Affair / Bk. 1 / On Central Park  Green, Jocelyn 
    The Wisteria Society of Lady Scoundrels / Bk. 1 / Dangerous Damsels Holton, India 
    Shackles of Honor  McClure, Marcia 
    Love Unexpected / Bk. 2 / Some Kind of Love  Proctor, Jenny 
    A Trail So Lonesome / Bk. 1 / Wagon Train Matches  Williams, Lacy 
    Unbridled Cowboy / Bk. 1 / Four Corners Ranch  Yates, Maisey 
    Honey, Baby, Mine  Dern, Laura 
    Love and Lemons: Simple Feel-Good Food  Donofrio, Jeanine 
    Hot and Bothered  Dunn, Jancee 
    A Fever in the Heartland  Egan, Timothy 
    Armageddon Ehrman, Bart D.
    Advanced Parenting  Fradin, Kelly 
    The Wager  Grann, David 
    I'm Glad My Mom Died  McCurdy, Jennette 
    To the End of the Earth  McManus, John C. 
    Outdoor Kids in an Inside World  Rinella, Steven 
    The Family Camp Cookbook  Vikre, Emily 
    After the Miracle  Wallace, Max 
    Follow Me to Hell  Clavin, Tom 
    Houston County, Texas, Newspaper Abstracts: January 31, 1890 -
    December 25, 1895 / Vol. 1
    Crook, Betty Ross
    Houston County, Texas, Newspaper Abstracts: January 3, 1896-
    January 25, 1901 / Vol. II
    Crook, Betty Ross
    Historic Oakwood Cemetery: with Calvary Cemetery & Old Trinity
    Cemetery of Fort Worth, Texas 
    Markgraf, Helen McKelvy 
    Brazos County 1900 - 1910 Czech Census Extractions  Texas Czech Genealogical Society 
    Simply Lies  Baldacci, David 
    Seven Girls Gone / Bk. 4 / Mobile Respons Team  Brennan, Allison 
    Where are the Children Now?  Clark, Mary Higgins 
    I Will Find You  Coben, Harlan 
    My Heart Will Find You  Deveraux, Jude 
    Shadow of Death  Graham, Heather 
    Happy Place  Henry, Emily 
    The Soulmate  Hepworth, Sally 
    The Golden Doves  Kelly, Martha Hall 
    The Loner  Palmer, Diana 
    Countdown  Patterson, James 
    Dark Angel / Bk. 2 / Letty Davenport  Sandford, John 
    Loyalty  Scottoline, Lisa 
    All Creatures Great & Small / Season 3 
    House of the Dragon / Season 1
    Miss Scarlet & the Duke / Season 3 
    Sanditon / Season 3 
    Little Otter  Abery, Julie 
    Little Walrus  Abery, Julie 
    Doggo and Pupper Search for Cozy  Applegate, Katherine 
    Nana the Great Goes Camping  Bergren, Lisa Tawn 
    When Summer Comes  Bissonette, Aimaee M. 
    Berry in the Big City  Black, Jake 
    The Night Tent  Blair, Landis 
    Purr-fect Family Visit  Bobowicz, Pamela 
    Woo Hoo! You're Doing Great!  Boynton, Sandra 
    A Girl Can Build Anything  Charlton-Trujillo, E. E. 
    Pocket Full of Sads  Davidson, Bradley Justin 
    Thank You, Tree  Fries, Hannah 
    I'm Sticking With You-And the Chicken Too! Halls, Smriti 
    Forest Friends  Hart, Curt 
    Who Will U Be?  Hische, Jessica 
    Marshmallow Martians: Show and Smell  Kent, Deanna 
    100 Mighty Dragons All Named Broccoli  LaRochelle, David 
    Out in the Wild?  Lowery, Mike 
    Thank You, Farm  Lumsden, Mia 
    The Mystery of the Fishy Canoe  Manushkin, Fran 
    The Super-Duper Supermoon Mystery  Manushkin, Fran 
    Pug's New Puppy  May, Kyla 
    The Fantastic Bureau of Imagination  Montague, Brad 
    C is for Camping  Paprocki, Greg 
    Mrs. Peanuckle's Hiking Alphabet  Peanuckle 
    Hot Dog  Salati, Doug 
    Full Moon Pups  Scanlon, Liz Garton 
    Maggie and Pie and the Cookie Contest  Scoppettone, Carolyn 
    Maggie and Pie and the Perfect Picnic  Scoppettone, Carolyn 
    Tiny T. Rex and the Grand Ta-Da! Stutzman, Jonathan 
    Fatima's Great Outdoors  Tariq, Ambreen 
    How to Catch a Garden Fairy  Walstead, Alice 
    Interrupting Cow and the Horse of a Different Color  Yolen, Jane 
    What to Do with a Stick  Yolen, Jane 
    Loves Makes a Garden Grow  Yoo, Taeeun 
    Mixed-Up Dollhouse  Zhang, Violet 
    Alone in the Woods  Behrens, Rebecca 
    Amelia Gray is Almost Okay  Brody, Jessica 
    The Department of Lost Dogs  Cameron, Josephine 
    Global  Colfer, Eoin 
    A Breath of Mischief  Connolly, Marcykate 
    The Piper's Promise / Bk. 3 / Sisters Ever After  Cypess, Leah 
    Camp Scare  Dawson, Delilah S. 
    Welcome to Sparklegrove / Bk. 8 / Unicorn Diaries  Elliott, Rebecca 
    The Nature Club / Bk. 18 / Owl Diaries  Elliott, Rebecca 
    Wombats! Go Camping  Frost, Maddie 
    Genius Camp / Bk. 2 / Smartest Kid  Grabenstein, Chris 
    Shadow / Bk. 3 / Warriors: A Starless Clan  Hunter, Erin 
    Have a Slice Day / Bk. 2 / The Great Mathemachicken  Krulik, Nancy E. 
    Camp Out! / Bk. 2 / Bug Scouts  Lowery, Mike 
    Hunted / Bk. 1 / The Deadlands  Melki-Wegner, Skye 
    The Sister Switch / Bk. 2 / Best Wishes  Mlynowski, Sarah 
    Once There Was  Monsef, Kiyash 
    Four Eyes  Ogle, Rex 
    Big Nate: Release the Hounds!  Peirce, Lincoln 
    The Hike to Home  Rinker, Jessica M. 
    Talent Show Troubles  Smiley, Jess Smart 
    Saving the Stegosaurus / Bk. 3 / Dinosaur Club  Stone, Rex 
    The Compsognathus Chase / Bk. 5 / Dinosaur Club  Stone, Rex 
    The Unofficial Lola Bay Fan Club  Surrisi, C. M. 
    Kittens are Monsters! / Bk. 3 / Pets Rule  Tan, Susan 
    Secrets and Spies / Bk. 3 / Honest June  Wells, Tina 
    Osiris  Bell, Samantha S. 
    Ra  Bell, Samantha S. 
    Hathor  Hudak, Heather C. 
    Seth  Hudak, Heather C. 
    Horus Krekelberg, Alyssa 
    Isis  Krekelberg, Alyssa 
    Exploring Insects  McDonald, Jill 
    Where to Start  Mental Health America 
    Anubis  Morey, Allan 
    Maat Morey, Allan 
    Famous Volcanoes  Murray, Julie 
    Types of Volcanoes  Murray, Julie 
    Volcano Eruptions  Murray, Julie 
    Volcano Geology  Murray, Julie 
    Volcano Ring of Fire  Murray, Julie 
    Volcanologists  Murray, Julie 
    Unique Projects for Nature Lovers  Peterson, Tamara JM.
    Hands-On Projects for Wildlife Watchers  Peterson, Tamara JM.
    Useful Projects for Hhiking Fans  Peterson, Tamara JM.
    Handy Projects for Happy Campers  Peterson, Tamara JM.
    What's Wild Outside Your Door?  Wohlleben, Peter 
    Flowerheart  Bakewell, Catherine 
    Blood Debts / Bk. 1 / Blood Debts  Benton-Walker, Terry J. 
    Herrick's Lie / Bk. 2 / Neath  Blanchet, T. M. 
    Silver in the Bone / Bk. 1 / Silver in the Bone  Bracken, Alexandra 
    Viva Lola Espinoza!  Ceron, Ella 
    In the City of Time / Bk. 1 / City of Time  Clare, Gwendolyn 
    Snow & Poison  De La Cruz, Melissa 
    Chaos & Flame  Gratton, Tessa 
    Not Here to Stay Friends  Hill, Kaitlyn 
    Queen Bee Howard, Amalie 
    Star Splitter  Kirby, Matthew J. 
    Sunshine  Krosoczka, Jarrett 
    When You Wish Upon a Star / Twisted Tales  Lim, Elizabeth 
    The Last Witness  McFall, Claire 
    Divine Rivals  Ross, Rebecca 
    Tell Me What Really Happened  Sedoti, Chelsea 
    Never Vacation with Your Ex  Wibberley, Emily 
    A Hunger of Thorns  Wilkinson, Lili 
    That Self-Same Metal / Bk. 1 / The Forge & Fracture Saga  Williams, Brittany N. 
    Greymist Fair  Zappia, Francesca 
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