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Jackson County Memorial Library

June 2023 New Book List

June 1, 2023
The books were added to the library's collection during the month of May 2023 .
Practice Makes Perfect  Adams, Sarah H. 
The Poisoner's Ring / Bk. 2 / A Rip Through Time  Armstrong, Kelley 
The Lie Maker  Barclay, Linwood 
Swamp Story  Barry, Dave 
No Two Persons  Bauermeister, Erica 
Flash Point  Bentley, Don 
The Postcard  Berest, Anne 
The Collected Regrets of Clover  Brammer, Mikki 
The Garden of Lost Secrets  Brown, Kelly 
All the Pretty Places  Callaway, Joy 
Only the Dead / Bk. 6 / James Reece  Carr, Jack 
Cicadas Sing of Summer Graves  Connor, Quinn 
The Senator's Wife  Constantine, Liv 
Graceland  Crochiere, Nancy 
The Ferryman  Cronin, Justin 
Those Empty Eyes  Donlea, Charlie 
Meet Me at the Lake  Fortune, Carley 
The Little Flower Shop  Foster, Lori 
Fire With Fire  Fox, Candice 
The Chateau  Goldis, Jaclyn 
The Secret Book of Flora Lea  Henry, Patti 
Lone Star Legacy / Bk. 2 / Forever Texas  Johnstone, William W. 
The Half Moon  Keane, Mary Beth 
Yellowface  Kuang, R. F. 
The True Love Experiment  Lauren, Christina 
You Are Here  Lin-Greenberg, Karin 
The Quantum Solution / Bk. 4 / Evan Ryder  Lustbader, Eric 
Someone Else's Bucket List  Matthews, Amy T. 
The Revenge List  McKinnon, Hannah Mary 
The Garnett Girls  Moore, Georgina 
Summer Stage  Moore, Meg Mitchell 
The Tiffany Girls  Noble, Shelley 
Fractal Noise / Bk. 2 / Fractalverse  Paolini, Christopher 
The 23rd Midnight / Bk. 23 / Murder Club  Patterson, James 
A Line in the Sand  Powers, Kevin 
The Bride Wore White / Bk. 7 / Burning Cove  Quick, Amanda 
Identity Roberts, Nora 
The Celebrants  Rowley, Steven 
The Old Lion  Shaara, Jeff 
The Wishing Game  Shaffer, Meg 
Kyland Sheridan, Mia 
Pieces of Blue  Sloan, Holly Goldberg 
The Wedding Planner  Steel, Danielle 
All the Days of Summer  Thayer, Nancy 
The House on Prytania / Bk. 2 / Royal Street  White, Karen 
Famous for a Living  Ferguson, Melissa 
The Secret to Happiness / Bk. 2 / Cape Cod Creamery  Fisher, Suzanne Woods 
The Thing About Home  McKnight, Rhonda 
In This Moment / Bk. 2 / Timeless  Meyer, Gabrielle 
A Summer at Sagamore / Bk. 2 / Romance at the Gilded Age Resorts Prysock, Lisa M. 
The Libyan Diversion  Rosenberg, Joel C. 
Jonas / Bk. 2 / Minnesota Marshalls  Warren, Susan May 
A Winter at the White Queen / Bk. 1 / Romance at the Gilded Age Resorts Weimer, Denise 
Don't Open the Door / Bk. 2 / Regan Merritt  Brennan, Allison 
Before I Do  Cousens, Sophie 
A Catered Book Club Murder  Crawford, Isis 
Where Coyotes Howl  Dallas, Sandra 
Her Deadly Game  Dugoni, Robert 
The Last Heir to Blackwood Library  Fox, Hester 
A Brighter Dawn / Bk. 1 / Amish Memories  Gould, Leslie 
A Courage Undimmed  Graves, Stephanie 
Windswept Way / Bk. 9 / Hope Harbor  Hannon, Irene 
A Novel Proposal  Hunter, Denise 
Kiss Me Now / Creekville Kisses  Jacobson, Melanie 
To Catch a Raven / Bk. 3 / Women Who Dare  Jenkins, Beverly 
Looking for Jane  Marshall, Heather 
All That We Are  Stewart, Mariah 
To Swoon and to Spar / Regency Vows  Waters, Martha 
The Bark of Zorro / Bk. 4 / Gone to the Dogs  Y'Barbo, Kathleen 
You Can't Screw This Up  Bornstein, Adam 
King Eig, Jonathan 
Tell Me Everything  Kelly, Minka 
Brave the Wild River  Sevigny, Melissa L. 
Road to Surrender  Thomas, Evan 
The Last Secret of the Secret Annex  Wijk, Joop Van 
The Lie Maker  Barclay, Linwood 
The 23rd Midnight / Bk. 23 / Murder Club  Patterson, James 
Goodnight Great Outdoors  Alberg, Lucas
Little Observers Go Camping Beaton, Clare 
Dad and the Recycling-Bin Roller Coaster  Calmus, Taylor 
Pete the Cat Saves Up  Dean, Kim 
La Guitarrista Diaz, Lucky 
Let's Build a Dam!  Fehr, Daniel 
Our Dragon  Fox, Mem 
NO is All I Know  Grabenstein, Chris 
Nothing's Wrong!  John, Jory 
The Digger and the Butterfly  Kuefler, Joseph 
Real to Me  Lê, Minh 
Ty's Travels: Camp Out  Lyons, Kelly Starling 
Let's Go Camping  McDonald, Jill 
Make More S'mores  Mealey, Cathy Ballou 
Forest Bath Right Down This Path  Robinson, Lisa 
Oakley the Squirrel: Camping 1, 2, 3!  Rose, Nancy 
Papa's Home  Soman, David 
Simon and the Better Bone  Tabor, Corey R 
The Greatest Kid in the World  Anderson, John David 
The One and Only Ruby  Applegate, Katherine 
Deep in the Rain Forest / Bk. 3 / Isla of Adventure  Costa, Dela 
A Dramatic Disappearance / Bk. 3 / The Jessie Files  Deutsch, Stacia 
Survival Scout: Lost in the Mountains  Eaton, Maxwell, III
The Sea of Terror / Bk. 3 / Once Upon a Tim  Gibbs, Stuart 
Evil Genius / Bk. 3 / Smartest Kid  Grabenstein, Chris 
The Lion of Lark-Hayes Manor  Hartman, Aubrey 
Monster Camp  Henning, Sarah 
The Shattered Horn / Bk. 1 / Bravelands: Thunder on the Plains  Hunter, Erin 
A Giant Problem / Bk. 2 / Mihi Ever After  Keller, Tae 
The Pebble  Marcinkevicius, Marius 
The Firefly Summer  Matson, Morgan 
Minerva Keen's Detective Club / Bk. 1 / Minerva Keen  Patterson, James 
The Labors of Hercules Beal  Schmidt, Gary D. 
The Amazon / Bk. 1 / The Wildes  Smith, Roland 
Skandar and the Phantom Rider / Bk. 2 / Skander  Steadman, A. F. 
Secrets and Sidekicks / Bk. 3 / Katie the Catsitter  Venable, Colleen A 
Menacing Manor / Bk. 4 / Sinister Summer  White, Kiersten 
The Book of Turtles  Montgomery, Sy 
When Everything Went Wrong  Temporelli, Max 
Julieta and the Romeos  Andreu, Maria E. 
Liar's Beach  Cotugno, Katie 
The Iron Vow / Bk. 3 / Iron Fey: Evenfall  Kagawa, Julie 
The Isles of the Gods / Bk. 1 / The Isles of the Gods  Kaufman, Amie 
The Stolen Throne / Bk. 2 / Dominion  Owen, Abigail 
Painted Devils / Bk. 2 / Little Thieves  Owen, Margaret 
Four Found Dead  Richards, Natalie D.
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