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Jackson County Memorial Library

July 2023 New Books

  • July 2023 New Books

    July  1, 2023
    The books were added to the library's collection during the month of June  2023 .
    Beware the Woman  Abbott, Megan
    What the Neighbors Saw  Adelman, Melissa A. 
    The Wind Knows My Name  Allende, Isabel 
    The Whispers Audrain, Ashley 
    The Long Way Back  Baart, Nicole 
    Remember Me / Bk. 2 / Ravenswood  Balogh, Mary 
    One Little Spark  Banks, Ellie 
    Marrying Off Morgan McBride / Bk. 2 / The McBrides of Montana  Barry, Amy 
    The First Ladies  Benedict, Marie 
    The 9th Man / Bk. 1 / Luke Daniels  Berry, Steve 
    The Girls of Summer  Bishop, Katie 
    Red Flags / Bk. 1 / Locard Institute  Black, Lisa 
    Ciao for Now  Bromley, Kate 
    Weapons of Opportunity / Bk. 3 / Nick Flynn  Brown, Dale 
    Widowland / Bk. 1 / Widowland  Carey, C. J. 
    Save What's Left  Castellano, Elizabeth 
    Before She Finds Me  Chavez, Heather 
    All the Sinners Bleed  Cosby, S. A. 
    Fire Strike  Cussler, Clive 
    Talking at Night  Daverley, Claire 
    The Spectacular  Davis, Fiona 
    The First Bright Thing  Dawson, J. R. 
    Moorewood Family Rules  Dimon, Helenkay 
    The Traitor Beside Her  Evans, Mary Anna 
    My Magnolia Summer  Frank, Victoria Benton 
    The Last Lifeboat  Gaynor, Hazel 
    She Started It  Gilbert, Sian 
    A Good Family  Goldman, Matt 
    Whispers at Dusk / Bk. 1 / Blackbird Trilogy  Graham, Heather 
    The Favor Griffin, Adele 
    Crow Mary  Grissom, Kathleen 
    Bookshop Cinderella  Guhrke, Laura Lee 
    The Drowning Woman  Harding, Robyn 
    The Paris Daughter Harmel, Kristin 
    Hotel Laguna  Harrison, Nicola 
    Silent Came the Monster  Hearth, Amy Hill 
    I Didn't Do It  Hendricks, Jaime 
    A Little Ray of Sunshine  Higgins, Kristan 
    The Five-Star Weekend  Hilderbrand, Elin 
    The House of Lincoln  Horan, Nancy 
    A Fatal Illusion / Bk. 11 / Lady Darby  Huber, Anna Lee 
    A Love Catastrophe  Hunting, Helena 
    The Last Sinner  Jackson, Lisa 
    The Survivor / Bk. 30 / Eve Duncan  Johansen, Iris 
    The Antiguity Affair  Kelly, Lee 
    The Glass Château  Kiernan, Stephen P. 
    Starring Adele Astaire  Knight, Eliza 
    The Couples Trip  Kvensler, Ulf 
    Sally Brady's Italian Adventure  Lynch, Christina 
    The Happiness Plan  Mallery, Susan 
    Don't Forget the Girl  McKanna, Rebecca 
    Psyche and Eros  McNamara, Luna 
    The Quiet Tenant  Michallon, Clémence
    The Violinist of Auschwitz  Midwood, Ellie 
    Same Time Next Summer  Monaghan, Annabel 
    Bad Influence  Parker, Robert B 
    The Little Italian Hotel  Patrick, Phaedra 
    Cross Down / Bk. 31 / Alex Cross  Patterson, James 
    Private Moscow / Bk. 15 / Private  Patterson, James 
    The Seven Year Slip  Poston, Ashley 
    Inside Threat  Quirk, Matthew 
    Atlas: The Story of Pa Salt / Bk. 8 / Seven Sisters  Riley, Lucinda 
    Summer's Gift  Ryan, Jennifer 
    The Only One Left  Sager, Riley 
    A Most Agreeable Murder  Seales, Julia 
    The Sweetheart List / Bk. 4 / Sunrise Cove  Shalvis, Jill 
    Famous in a Small Town  Shipman, Viola 
    Cassandra in Reverse  Smale, Holly 
    Palazzo  Steele, Danielle 
    After Anne  Steiner, Logan 
    The Good Ones  Stewart, Polly 
    Banyan Moon  Thai, Thao 
    The Café at Beach End  Thayne, RaeAnne 
    The Radcliffe Ladies' Reading Club  Thomas, Julia 
    Where Ivy Dares to Grow  Thompson, Marielle 
    The Puzzle Master  Trussoni, Danielle 
    The Brightest Star  Tsukiyama, Gail 
    The Paris Deception  Turnbull, Bryn 
    Good Night, Irene  Urrea, Luis Alberto 
    What Remains  Walker, Wendy 
    Zero Days  Ware, Ruth 
    A Right Worthy Woman  Watson, Ruth P. 
    The King's Pleasure / Bk. 2 / Tudor Rose  Weir, Alison 
    Welsome to Beach Town  Wiggs, Susan 
    Will They or Won't They  Wilder, Ava 
    Speak of the Devil  Wilding, Rose 
    The Beach at Summerly  Williams, Beatriz 
    Near Miss / Bk. 64 / Stone Barrington  Woods, Stuart 
    In Feast or Famine / Bk. 2 / The Egyptian Chronicles  Andrews, Mesu 
    Rocky Mountain Rendezvous / Bk. 1 / Sisters of the Rockies  Beller, Misty M. 
    Counter Attack / Bk. 1 / Pearl River  Bradley, Patricia 
    Second Time Around  Carlson, Melody 
    Counterfeit Faith / Bk. 3 / Hidden Hearts of the Gilded Age  Caudill, Crystal 
    The Laws of Attraction / Bk. 2 / Wyoming Sunrise  Connealy, Mary 
    In the Shadow of the River  Gabhart, Ann H.
    Man of Shadow & Mist / Bk. 2 / Of Monsters and Men  Griep, Michelle 
    The Pursuit of Miss Parish / Bk. 2 / Aprons & Veils  Hitchcock, Grace 
    A Season at the Grand / Bk. 3 / Romance at the Gilded Age Resorts Johnson, Sherri 
    The Swindler's Daughter  McGee, Stephenia H.
    The Heart's Choice / Bk. 1 / The Jewels of Kalispell  Peterson, Tracie 
    The Happy Life of Isadora Bentley  Walsh, Courtney 
    Double Indemnity  Whitlow, Robert 
    Fairest of Heart / Bk. 1 / Texas Ever After  Witemeyer, Karen 
    Little Paula / Bk. 2 / Eden  Andrews, V. C. 
    She Gets July / Bk. 1 / Mainely Romance  Davis, Susan Page 
    Moon Over Montana / McCutcheon Family  Fyffe, Caroline 
    An Amish Marriage of Convenience / Bk. 4 / Surprised By Love  Good, Rachel J. 
    Death by Chocolate Marshmallow Pie  Graves, Sarah 
    The Book Spy  Hlad, Alan 
    The Loner  Palmer, Diana 
    The House in the Pines  Reyes, Ana 
    The Libyan Diversion  Rosenberg, Joel C. 
    All the Days of Summer  Thayer, Nancy 
    City of Fortune  Thompson, Victoria 
    Daniel's Final Week / Bk. 3 / End-Times Trilogy  VanLiere, Donna 
    Blind Trust / Bk. 3 / Snap Agency  Walters, Natalie 
    The Next Ship Home  Webb, Heather 
    Rancher's Forgotten Rival / Bk. 1 / Carsons of Lone Rock  Yates, Maisey 
    What an Owl Knows  Ackerman, Jennifer 
    The Tao of Self-Confidence  Chan, Shenna Yap
    50 Pies, 50 States  Fong, Stacey M. 
    First Family  Good, Cassandra A. 
    Unlock Your Menopause Type  Hirsch, Heather(Physician) 
    The Nurture Revolution  Kirshenbaum, Greer
    Extra Easy Keto  Laska, Stephanie 
    Swipe Up for More! McNeal, Stephanie 
    The Summer of 1876  Wimmer, Chris 
    You Never Know  Briscoe, Connie 
    All the Sinners Bleed  Cosby, S. A. 
    The Chateau  Goldis, Jaclyn 
    Whispers at Dusk / Bk. 1 / Blackbird Trilogy  Graham, Heather 
    The Paris Daughter  Harmel, Kristin 
    The Secret Book of Flora Lea  Henry, Patti 
    The Five-Star Weekend  Hilderbrand, Elin 
    The Survivor / Bk. 30 / Eve Duncan  Johansen, Iris 
    The Happiness Plan  Mallery, Susan 
    The Revenge List  McKinnon, Hannah 
    Cross Down / Bk. 31 / Alex Cross  Patterson, James 
    Identity  Roberts, Nora 
    The Libyan Diversion  Rosenberg, Joel C 
    The Wedding Planner Steel, Danielle 
    Good Night, Irene  Urrea, Luis 
    Zero Days  Ware, Ruth 
    All Quiet on the Western Front 
    Yellowstone / Season 5 / Part 1 
    Biscuit and Friends: A Day at the Aquarium  Capucilli, Alyssa 
    A Super Scary Narwhalloween  Clanton, Ben 
    Penny & Pip  Fleming, Candace 
    Bugs Hegarty, Patricia 
    Pinkalicious and the Pinkamazing Little Library  Kann, Victoria 
    My First Day of Kindergarten Martin, Louise 
    Hattie Harmony: Opening Night  Olsen, Elizabeth 
    Night Night, Ocean  Parker, Amy 
    The Monster Mac and Chesse Party  Parr, Todd 
    One Cool Duck: King of Cool  Petrik, Mike 
    Max and Moonbean  Scotton, Rob 
    Pizza and Taco: Dare to be Scared!  Shaskan, Stephen 
    The One and Only Sparkella and the Big Lie  Tatum, Channing 
    We are Going to be Pals!  Teague, Mark 
    A Very Dinosaur Birthday  Wallace, Adam 
    Bitsy Bat, School Star  Windness, Kaz 
    Ivy and Bean Get to Work! / Bk. 12 / Ivy and Bean  Barrows, Annie 
    Lost in the Caverns / Bk. 3 / Dream Keeper Saga  Butler, Kathryn 
    Wrath of the Exiles / Bk. 2 / Dungeoneer Adventures Costa, Ben 
    Worst Broommate Ever! / Bk. 1 / Middle School and Other Disasters  Coven, Wanda 
    The Probability of Everything  Everett, Sarah 
    The Islands of Elsewhere  Fawcett, Heather 
    Uncle Fred is a Knucklehead! / Bk. 2 / My Weirdtastic School  Gutman, Dan 
    The Last Fallen Realm / Bk. 3 / Gifted Clans  Kim, Graci 
    Rebel Undercover / Bk. 3 / The Forgotten Five  McMann, Lisa 
    The Hunt for the Hollower  Miller, Callie C. 
    Raising the Stakes / Bk. 3 / Ham Helsing  Moyer, Rich 
    Camp Sylvania  Murphy, Julie 
    Teacher's Pet / Bk. 2 / Sweet ValleyTwins  Pascal, Francine 
    The Absent Alpacas / Bk. 1 / A to Z Animal Mysteries  Roy, Ron 
    Alexis and the Perfect Recipe / Bk. 4 / Cupcake Diaries  Simon, Coco 
    Science Fair Frenzy  Smiley, Jess Smart 
    Happily Ever After / Bk. 3 / Once Upon Another Time  Stone, Rex 
    The First Magnificent Summer  Toalson, R. L. 
    The Braid Girls  Winston, Sherri 
    You're Not Supposed to Die Tonight  Bayron, Kalynn 
    Estuary / Bk. 1 / Oceans of Time  Bergren, Lisa T. 
    Secret of the Moon Conch  Bowles, David 
    Good as Gold  Buford, Candace 
    Radiant / Bk. 2 / Color Theory  Bustamante, Ashley 
    Earth Called / Bk. 4 / Tales of a New World  Cast, P. C. 
    The Quiet Part Out Loud  Crossland, Deborah 
    The Night in Question / Bk. 2 / Agathas  Glasgow, Kathleen 
    The Chaperone  Hendrix, M. 
    Starlings  Linsmeier, Amanda 
    Legends and Liars / Bk. 2 / Echoes and Empires  Rhodes, Morgan 
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