What are eBooks?  What does "Overdrive" mean?

eBooks are digital books that you can read on an electronic device, such as a tablet, computer, Kindle or smart phone.  When searching for books in our online catalog, you may see the term "Overdrive."  That means that book is an eBook and can be checked out through our digital library.

How do I read eBooks on these devices?

eBooks come in various formats that can be read on a computer, or on a phone or tablet via the Overdrive app or the Kindle app, both free downloads through iTunes or Google Play. 

How do I check out an eBook?

You can search for eBooks two different ways:  by searching our online card catalog or by browsing directly in the digital library.

If you start in our online card catalog, log in at the top right corner using your JCML library card number and the phone number we have on file as your password.  Then search for the book or author you are interested in.

Look for the words "OverDrive" in the "Location" column, or "OverDrive eBook" in front of the book title in the "Title" column.  Click on the title of the book you would like to check out.

Click the "Download this Item" link located underneath the book's title.  This will open a new window taking you to the South Texas Digital Library, where you will be able to download the book.  This page also gives you more information about the book, and shows you the lending time for the book.  JCML's lending time is 3 weeks, or 21 days.

Click the "Borrow" button.  This will take you to your "Bookshelf," which displays all the eBooks you have "checked out."

Click the "Download" button.  This will give you a drop-down box displaying all the formats available (i.e. Kindle, PDF).  Select the format you would like to download.

If you select "Kindle," another window will open taking you to the Amazon website.  Make sure you are logged in to your Amazon account so that when you borrow the book, it will download to your device.  On the Amazon page, click the "Get Library Book" button, and your book will be downloaded!

If you select "PDF," your eBook will download as an Adobe PDF file to read on your computer, or other compatible device.

If you search for books directly in the South Texas Digital Library, be sure to log in at the top right corner, using the same login information as you would for the JCML card catalog.  Select "Jackson County Memorial Library" as your library when prompted.  Note: When searching, be sure to click "Available Now" on the left side menu, as some books may already be checked out.

As with the library, you can place eBooks on reserve, and you can add books to a wish list for later reading.

How many eBooks can I check out?

You are limited to 5 eBooks at a time.  Once you finish a book, you can return it manually, or wait until the 3 weeks are up and it will return itself.

How do I return my eBooks?

To return a book manually, log in to your Amazon account.  At the top right, it will say "Hello {Your Name}. Your Account."  Let your mouse hover over that to give you a drop down menu.  Select the "Manage Your Content and Devices" option.  This will take you to the list of all eBooks you own or have borrowed for your Kindle.

The books borrowed from the digital library will have "Borrowed" next to the title in bold orange type.  To the left of the title is a button with three dots.  Click this button to open a pop-up menu.  You will see a "Return this Book" option.  After you click the link, it will ask you to confirm that you would like to return the book.  When you click "yes," you will get a message saying it was successfully returned.

I tried logging into the digital library, but it won't let me.  What's wrong?

It could be one of two things.

Most likely we need to update your account in our system.  Our library cards expire each year, which allows us to annually check to make sure we have all your correct information in our system.  If your card has expired, we will need you to come in and verify your information so that we can update your account, and then you should be able to log in to the digital library for another year.

Another issue could be we have the incorrect phone number on account to use as your password.  We can verify with you what that information is and make sure it is correct.

If neither of these solves your log in problem, give us a call or come in and we can look further into the issue.

Should you have any other questions, or would like one of our staff to help you through this process, please do not hesitate to ask.